Squirrel Calls

Lights Out Squirrel Calls are available with both large and small bellows.

Large bellows calls have a slightly deeper pitch and great volume. Small bellows calls have a bit higher pitch and brighter tone.

Calls are turned with a shape that fits between thumb and forefinger, allowing you to cup your hand around the bell of the call to manipulate the tone.

Tap a single time on the top of the rubber bellows for single barks. Tap repeatedly in rhythm of natural squirrel barking (7-8 times)for sequences.

We have found these are great for stopping squirrels that are moving in trees long enough for a shot. They may also foster a sense of “all is well” several minutes after a shot.

Calls are available in a variety of woods and 4 spectraply laminate color patterns.

  • Squirrel Calls $25

Shipping for up to 2 calls is $8 via USPS Priority Mail.

Contact me via the HOW TO ORDER page for wood preference/availability.