Crow Calls

Lights Out Crow Calls are back by popular demand! The lines of these calls follow the ergonomic design of other Lights Out calls and feel like they are supposed to be in your hand. Each call comes with an adjustable paracord lanyard to keep the call ready for use. You can vary the volume by airflow through the call. You can vary the pitch by biting down at the groove of the reed assembly. These calls will get those gobblers to give away their position to let you determine YOUR next move. While I don’t hunt crows, I have successfully drawn numerous crows in close with these calls.

A variety of woods are available to include spalted maple, mineral stained hackberry, fiddleback maple, sycamore and oak. Use the HOW TO ORDER page to contact me in regards to preferred wood or other woods available.

  • Crow Calls $25

Shipping for up to 2 calls is $8 via USPS Priority Mail.