Slate Calls

Lights Out Slate Calls produce chattering purrs and natural clucks that may be all you need to run to get a bird’s attention. The cuts are crisp and expressive. The yelps will have a consistent break-over. Pitch and tone can be varied by wood choice and striker choice. Condition this surface with green Scotchbrite.

  • Domestic Woods $45
  • Exotic Woods and Figured Domestics $50
  • Highly Figured Walnut $55

    Grain varies in character and color from call to call. Supplier has sorted this walnut as equivalent to high grade gunstock material.

  • American Antique Chestnut $55

    This wood was salvaged from a mission house somewhere between Asheville and Boone, North Carolina. A foundation stone of the building was dated 1843. These blanks vary in texture and appearance. Some may have small worm holes or runs.

  • Spalted Maple $55

    This wood was salvaged from a tree that my great grandpa planted in the 1950’s. The tree blew down in straight line winds in 2019. Some blanks show quarter-sawn grain. Some show fiddleback grain. Some have varied coloration, to include black line spalting.

Prices include a solid wood striker paired to your individual call.
Additional strikers are available at an additional cost.

Shipping for up to 2 calls is $8 via USPS Priority Mail.