Domestic Woods
Exotic Woods
Laminates calls blanks are made one at a time from a variety of domestic and
exotic woods.  This process allows me to combine a variety of wood colors and
grains to create beautiful and unique calls.  These blanks are glued up
individually, making each laminate call uniquely individual.  (Multiple blanks can
be glued up in board form upon request to produce similar patterned calls.)  
These calls require additional time to select the woods, cut and mill the
individual pieces of wood, glue into a blank and dry before turning.  Most have
from 9-13 individual strips of wood per call, and can be made from woods on
hand or your choice of woods.  Time from order to finished call will reflect the
additional time involved in making the blank.
Honey Locust
Osage Orange
If you would like a call made from your own special or sentimental wood, feel
free to contact me about possibilities, pricing and limitations.
Other exotic woods and burl woods are available and can be ordered if not on
hand in the shop.
Ambrosia Maple
(dyed olive green)
Quarter-sawn white oak