Things to consider when selecting a turkey call...
I frequently get requests for calls with a certain pitch or tone with the buyer
wanting a particular wood.  Please read the following information to help you make
a decision about which call may be right for you.
* all woods are not the same - softer woods generally produce softer, more open
tones and lower pitches - harder woods generally produce crisper, more
constricted tones with a higher pitch *** some woods are not capable of making
some pitches/tones
* surface materials should be chosen according to the weather conditions and
hunting conditions you will expose them to - slate surfaces produce great soft
sounds, but are most susceptible to changes with increased moisture - glass and
anodized aluminum surfaces are less susceptible to change in sound/performance
with moisture changes
* there are many variables that effect the sound of a call - pot wall thickness, pot
bottom thickness, height of pedestal (holds soundboard), soundboard material,
distance from soundboard to surface, striker material, size of surface, etc. *** a call
made of a given wood may not sound the same in the pot of a different callmaker
I have spent many hours working with a number of woods, surfaces, strikers and
pot dimensions.  I will be glad to help you select a wood/surface/striker
combination to produce the sounds you want to hear from a call.  Please
understand that recommendations are made to help you get the best sounding call
possible out of my pot design.
...what they're dying to hear!