Lights Out slate calls produce chattering purrs and natural clucks that are often
all you need to run once you have a bird's attention.  The cuts are crisp and
expressive.  The yelps will have a consistent breakover.  Pitch and tone can be
varied by wood choice and striker choice.

Domestic wood slate calls with turned solid wood strikers run $45.
Exotic wood slate calls (woods on hand) with turned solid wood strikers run $50.

Highly Figured Walnut
Grain varies in character and color from call to call.  All calls come from stock
sorted by supplier as equivalent to high grade gunstock material.

176 year old American Chestnut
This wood was salvaged from a mission house somewhere between Ashville
and Boone, North Carolina.  A foundation stone on the building was dated 1843.
Call blanks vary in texture and appearance.  Some may have worm holes.  
Some may have dark colored contrast in grain.  
Quarter-sawn white oak
Quarter-sawn cherry
Ambrosia maple
Honey Locust
Figured Walnut
176 year old
American Chestnut